BMW i8 Concept – The Luxurious Beast

The BMW has Launched a luxurious varient named as BMW I8, which comes with 7.1 kWh lithium-ion battery,which produce all-electric range of 37 km (23 mi). Ultimate luxury design, which comes in different luxurious shades and fabulous  viewed from the front, a flat silhouette, powerfully shaped surfaces and precise contours.  In the auto market of electronic cars in India, this luxury runabout is best to campared as other electronic runabouts.


The safety concept of this beast that high-strength carbon passenger cell not only protect the passengers, but also safeguards the high voltage battery. The maximum speed of this car is 256km/h and it reaches Zero to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds. The BMW i8 has a dynamic multimedia system includes integrated 2 DIN audio and USB connectivity and with touchscreen display.

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